The Retirement Planning Solutions Team

Terry Predzimirski
Principal & Founder

Terry is the principal & founder of COMPASS Retirement Planning Solutions.

For the last several years he has focused his career on helping Seniors with
Medicare healthcare and all aspects of Retirement Planning. He is a licensed insurance broker for Life & Health in the State of Ct. Terrys’ focus is on solutions for those retired or nearing retirement. The retirement solutions his company offers fall into several categories.

1-Medicare Health Plans

2-Social Security strategies for success

3-Retirement Income Planning

4-Legacy & Life Insurance solutions

5-Final Expense Insurance

6-Long Term Care solutions

7-Estate & Trust Planning

Terrys’ goal as a Retirement Planner is twofold.
Besides helping you protect your assets for yourself and your heirs, the cornerstone of his practice is to help you map out an Income Plan. By working with Terry on a Retirement Income Plan, along with Bianca, they will strive to help you understand several key components of retirement.

  • Where will the income come from to pay your recurring monthly expenses?
  • How can you get guaranteed lifetime income from your IRA, 401k, Pensions, Mutual Fund, CD’s, Savings, or your investment in equities?

If you are frustrated with the fluctuations and volatility of the Stock Market and want to reduce or eliminate your future risk, Terry can help. His personal conviction is to always recommend a solution that protects your principal, yet helps you share is some of the upside if the Market does well.

Terry specializes in Life Insurance policy reviews and evaluations as well as Variable Annuity statement analysis.

He has two married daughters and six grandchildren, ages 4-13. He enjoys reading, hiking and wild food foraging. He is an avid trail runner and volunteers as a Trail Manager for the Ct. Forest & Parks association.

Prior to moving back to Connecticut almost a decade ago, Terry owned a successful Land Development company in the Carolinas for over fifteen (15) years. Previous to that, for eight (8) years he owned a display advertising company that worked with Chambers of Commerce. He sold it to a friend who still runs it today.

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